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LASIK Consultation

LASIK Evaluation

LASIKDuring your comprehensive consultation, a complete, dilated eye examination is performed and specialized computer measurements of your cornea are recorded. Dr. Walter examines your eyes and reviews all the gathered information in light of your visual needs for work and leisure, providing you with options and recommendations for refractive surgery.

In order for your cornea to return to its natural shape at the time of this examination, it is recommended that you leave your soft contact lenses out for one (1) week and gas permeable (hard) contact lenses out for two (2) weeks prior to your evaluation. This allows for accurate corneal measurements, which are ultimately used in calibrating the laser for your LASIK surgery, giving you the most accurate results post-surgery. If you don’t currently have a pair of glasses, we will provide a prescription to you during your evaluation. It is then recommended that you wear glasses based on this prescription (there are many websites that offer low cost glasses), the week prior to your scheduled LASIK surgery (if you are deemed a candidate). On the day of your LASIK surgery, we will recheck your measurements to confirm the laser is accurately calibrated and that your prescription hasn’t changed.

The cost of this exam is applied to your LASIK surgery as a deposit. If Dr. Walter determines that you are not a LASIK candidate (due to dry eye, thin corneas or other medical reason) it is possible that your insurance provider will cover the evaluation fee.