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DSEK and the EndoSerter

EndoSerterThe EndoSerter® is an FDA approved medical device used to facilitate the transplantation of the donor endothelial layer. It was invented by Dr. Walter, and developed by Wake Forest and Ocular Systems Inc. The EndoSerter® protects the delicate endothelial cells while maintaining normal eye pressure during insertion. It also allows the DSEK surgery to be done under topical anesthesia and reduces the incision size to less than 4 mm thereby eliminating sutures to close the wound.

If the EndoSerter® is not utilized during DSEK, the tissue must be manipulted with a needle or forceps through a much larger incision, requiring suteures and a longer reconvery for the patient.

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Below is a map of the world wide acceptance of the EndoSerter as of 2013.