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Custom LASIK

Custom LASIK or “wavefront-driven LASIK” is a recent advancement in laser vision technology that allows Dr. Walter to personalize the procedure and to potentially improve the already excellent results obtained with traditional laser vision correction. This procedure uses wavefront technology, which provides new diagnostic information previously unattainable.


Josef Bille, Ph.D., director of the Institute for Applied Physics at the University of Heidelberg, first developed wavefront technology in 1978 to measure wavefront distortions that occurred when light traveling through the atmosphere entered a telescopic lens. This technology removed any visual distortion or aberrations from the atmosphere allowing astrophysicists to more accurately view images of the stars and planets.

It is now possible to utilize this technology to record detailed information about the visual characteristics of the eye. Unlike standard measuring devices (e.g., corneal topography), which measure only the cornea or front surface of the eye, wavefront technology scans the way your entire optical system processes light.

“Fingerprint” of the Eye

Custom LASIKWavefront analysis works by measuring the distortion or irregularities of the eye, known as higher-order aberrations. When a ray of light first enters the eye, it passes through the cornea to the lens and vitreous, ultimately reaching the retina. As it bounces off the retina and returns back through the cornea, the wavefront analysis detects and documents these distortions, which are unique to each individual. Because each patient has a unique visual optical system, the wavefront data has been likened to a fingerprint.

Once the wavefront data has been documented for an individual patient, the next step is to use this information to utilize the excimer laser to correct the higher-order visual aberrations. Dr. Walter can then determine what adjustments must be made to the corneal surface to produce a clear, crisp image for the unique individual needs of each patient. The use of wavefront technology to provide a more precise laser vision correction is known as, "Custom LASIK" or "wavefront-driven LASIK." Dr. Walter uses the Allegretto Wavelight Laser, which has been shown to reduce higher order aberrations and improve night vision by utilizing “WaveFront Optimized” technology.

Our Custom LASIK Technology

Laser vision correction procedures differ in a number of ways, but conventional treatments use the same formula to treat every person with the same optical prescription. The Allegretto Wave, however, was conceived from the start to perform custom treatments and incorporates wavefront technology principles into each procedure while adjusting each treatment to the patient's individual cornea.

In addition, the Allegretto Wave is the fastest laser system available in the U.S. today, and allows the surgeon to finely sculpt the patient's new vision with precise accuracy. This laser also features an ultra-fast eye-tracking system to follow eye movement during the procedure.


This high-speed tracker is a key component of the system's unique PerfectPulse Technology, developed to accurately control the energy level and exact placement of every laser pulse. Understanding that all eyes are not the same, the Allegretto Wave takes into consideration each patient's individual corneal steepness and automatically compensates for laser energy that can be lost in the periphery of the cornea due to the eye's natural shape. By doing so, the Allegretto Wave specifically addresses spherical aberrations that can potentially cause glare and may distort night vision.

FDA clinical trials included more than 1,000 eyes and demonstrated that 93 percent of all patients saw at least as well or better without glasses after the Allegretto Wave treatment than they could with glasses or contacts beforehand. In fact, initial treatment results were so accurate that fewer than 5 percent needed enhancements and more than 60 percent of nearsighted patients achieved 20/16 vision or better.

Dr. Walter utilizes the Allegretto Wave because he believes his patients deserve the best vision possible. In fact, the Allegretto Wave was granted clearance for the widest approval range ever initially granted to a new laser system because it even allows patients with high myopia and hyperopia to benefit from the promise of a custom treatment.

Pupils and Night Vision

In addition, the Allegretto Wave is the only laser system that is FDA approved to reduce night vision problems like glare and halos. Also, in the past, patients with large pupils would not typically be considered good candidates for Laser vision correction, but the Allegretto Wave negates this issue, making the procedure suitable for even more individuals.